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From Goa, With Love

Goa. People all over the world come here searching for something - to find a new home, to satisfy an unfulfilled dream, or to frolic in newfound experience. I was in my pursuit of sensorial pleasure and Goa heightened it with culture, history, architecture and food - even though its the beach parties and the nightclubs that hold a prime place for many in the Goan scheme of things. It feels great to know that you are in a place with multifarious options to feed your soul. I was lull into a state of Zen perfection-lazy evenings filled with simple laughter and camaraderie. Just looking at the pics above makes me smile.

Interestingly, my gourmet trail was awash with surprises, and it was not just the culinary kind. I want to raise a toast to appetizing ambiences that made the meals perfect. Sit on a candle-lit beach table, kick-back with a refreshing drink and distinctive food, drumming your fingers to the tunes of masters like Pink Floyd, or the live music of avant-garde local bands. I…