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From Shillong, With Love

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely

To laugh like a brook as it trips and falls over stones on its way

The hills fill my heart with the sound of music

There are two places on earth where a man wants to lay down his roots. One, where his heart is and the other, where his soul is. My soul belongs to the green hills of Meghalaya (meaning, the abode of clouds). Don't ask me why.  There is no valid explanation of this strange pull. (A la` happy mountain goat in past life?) So I filled in every corner of my lungs with the balmy mountain air, just the way I soaked in my mind with the beautiful sight.

This wasn't my first visit to Shillong. But each visit to the magical hills fascinated me more than the last. There was I, at the backseat of the car, making little noises of pleasure and delight—like a little kid encountering magic for the very first time. And before I realized, I was humming, "The hills are alive with the sound of music" In my high-on-mountain air situat…

Tongue-Fu's Travels


This is will be my travel (b)log where I will try my best to recount my travel stories. I absolutely love traveling. It is my next favorite thing to trying out different cuisines. Fortunately, life is giving me chances to travel around the world on my own. I am almost on the verge of continent-hopping! Given all these experiences, it would be a shame if I don't share it with all of you. I already missed the window of maintaining a (b)logbook regarding my days in US. I spent almost 11 months there, and I neither wrote nor posted any pics of that phase of my life.Mostly because I was paranoid about invasion of my privacy.

But I think its time to change the rules around here. In few weeks I will be travelling to the fun land of Goa to celebrate the big 25 with my close group of friends. I am sure many stories await me to fill the pages of my travel blog.

And come September, T-F-L will be flying to Europe to start a new beginning of her life!

Stories wait to be told.