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From Amsterdam, With Love

Disclaimer : Whatever you have heard about Amsterdam is all true, so put those rumours to rest. This is not a place for faint-hearted. And if you are brave enough the find your self with its city walls, there is one simple rule - whatever happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam! You will see, hear and experience things that you won't otherwise in your mundane daily life (unless you are Tony Montana reincarnation, and in that case, may I have your number? ;) ), so unless you have a stomach for me a favor and cancel this page immediately. The rest of you, walk through with me.
Welcome to the sin-city of Europe where the girls are pretty and the coffeeshops are better than your local Starbucks, with 800,000 people and 900,000 bicycles (20,000 of them recovered every year from the canal).. Amsterdam truly lives by its motto -  Leef en Laat Leven (Live and Let Live). The freedom and openness the city offers is quite an eyeopener for our myopic view on subjects we consider &quo…