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Tongue-Fu's Travels


This is will be my travel (b)log where I will try my best to recount my travel stories. I absolutely love traveling. It is my next favorite thing to trying out different cuisines. Fortunately, life is giving me chances to travel around the world on my own. I am almost on the verge of continent-hopping! Given all these experiences, it would be a shame if I don't share it with all of you. I already missed the window of maintaining a (b)logbook regarding my days in US. I spent almost 11 months there, and I neither wrote nor posted any pics of that phase of my life.Mostly because I was paranoid about invasion of my privacy.

But I think its time to change the rules around here. In few weeks I will be travelling to the fun land of Goa to celebrate the big 25 with my close group of friends. I am sure many stories await me to fill the pages of my travel blog.

And come September, T-F-L will be flying to Europe to start a new beginning of her life!

Stories wait to be told.