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From Goa, With Love

Goa. People all over the world come here searching for something - to find a new home, to satisfy an unfulfilled dream, or to frolic in newfound experience. I was in my pursuit of sensorial pleasure and Goa heightened it with culture, history, architecture and food - even though its the beach parties and the nightclubs that hold a prime place for many in the Goan scheme of things. It feels great to know that you are in a place with multifarious options to feed your soul. I was lull into a state of Zen perfection-lazy evenings filled with simple laughter and camaraderie. Just looking at the pics above makes me smile.

Interestingly, my gourmet trail was awash with surprises, and it was not just the culinary kind. I want to raise a toast to appetizing ambiences that made the meals perfect. Sit on a candle-lit beach table, kick-back with a refreshing drink and distinctive food, drumming your fingers to the tunes of masters like Pink Floyd, or the live music of avant-garde local bands. I m a fan of such sunsets on the beach that leads to memorable sunrises. Cafe Del Mar did win my heart with such raw minimalist set up.

Britto's shack fulfilled my hedonistic quest of gorging Goan seafood. I am not guilty, but I want to confess. The grilled tiger prawns, baked crabs and Vindaloo pomfrets - gave me premature ventricular contractions. In spite of being a committed freshwater fish eater, I had a lusty affair with seafood.

But to think it was enough, is wrong. I wanted more. My masala pork chops (see above) uninhibitedly patronizes all forms of gastronomic expression. It was strangely familiar to the ear but a burst of inspiration on the palate. The dish followed a route of challenging dreary familiarity with an ingredient and cooking style that you'd least expect. And the exquisite harmony of meat texture and flavor was a pure food-orgasmic paradise. Herbs, spice and everything nice!

I m still high from my Goan palate quests. Its such a heady feeling that I m blogging away insanely at 2am from my pigeonholed corner at the Kolkata airport. I am afraid if I don't record this immediately, I might lose the essence of all the flavors I came across there. Te Amo, Goa.

Besides pigging away the entire weekend, I managed to acquire a perfect set of tan lines. In fact, I might still be the most tanned person while recounting my Europe tales soon. ;)


  1. i am jealous. like real greeen. :|
    the last time i went to goa was five years ago! and i was underage!

    I might lose the essence of all the flavors I came across there. true that. its always a spur of the moment thing that always comes out better than anything else.

    In fact, I might still be the most tanned person while recounting my Europe tales soon. ;)

    what the hell are you?! a traveler? a happy soul for sure ! :P

  2. if you are green..u better be the Green Lantern :P

    and yes, i would like to call myself a part time traveller..and its wonderful!!

  3. lol.
    sweet. so you have done europe and goa. the whole of europe?
    and apart from being a part time traveler and writer, who are you?

  4. a simple human who loves to travel, eat and write about it :)

  5. You should also be called the 'pen'-fu lady. Some great writing here. :)

  6. T-f L,

    Finally could reach here with your advice. Enjoyed such good photographs. You made my mouth water by narrating about prawns and all. I have given up non-veg except fish. Do keep sharing your travel times.

    Take care

  7. I m watching Asoka right now. Theres this dialogue:
    Asoka: Samraat se uncha kiska bhagya hota hai!?
    Saint: Yaatri ka. Jab vo apni yaatra poori karta hai!
    Just reminded me of ur travel blog!

  8. @Jack:
    Thanks for the appreciation!

    Such a wonderful thought..I hope to remain a "yaatri" forever and ever.

  9. Hey great pics.. loved the first 2 the most

  10. Tan lines are always the sign of a great vacation!!!!

    1. Indeed, and I am waiting for my next trip!!


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